Who is srgn?


probably you’re asking who’s writing these lines here so I thought I’ll add a “About me” page.

My name is Sergen and I’m from Germany. Actually I’m Turkish but I’ve never lived there – anyway, I don’t see nationalities, I see humans.

I’m 20 years old and will turn 21 in October. The last three years, I’ve worked as a trainee for the marketing and sales department of a Dutch-British transnational consumer goods company in the south of Germany. I’m still the opinion that this was one of the best decisions I could make. I’ve learned a lot, traveled a lot and had the full trust of everyone within my projects.

In my free time I love to meet my family and friends. We’re always up for some crazy and spontaneous things. When I’m not with my family or my friends I’m probably at the fire brigade due to my volunteering firefighting. In addition I train the youth group and take part in the youth advisory board.

I’ll start studying Public Relations at the London Communication College, a part of the University of the Arts in London. I’ll study three years for the undergraduate degree.

However, this is all I can actually think about to write down.