Two weeks later…

It has been a long time I haven’t written something here. To be honest, so many things happened. I will try to sum it up:

First of all, I enrolled and finished my second week of university and I love it! The learning environment, the lectures, the tutors and students – it’s just perfect.

I also tried to discover London. This city is so big and it has so much to offer. The thing I like the most about right now is, that it is so easy to find people to hang out with. These people here are way more open-minded than back in Germany.

English. Everything is English obviously and this the best way to improve my English. Actually, it isn’t that hard – you get used to it. I catch myself sometimes overthinking and that makes me confused so I will try to speak out what I’m thinking even if it’s wrong sometimes. I’m glad, that I have people around who try to teach me the correct pronunciation and some slang words.

However, whats next? I have 10 weeks left before I fly back to Germany for the Christmas-break. There are a lot of projects we have to finish in that time. Everybody who said that this won’t be easy was right. It ain’t easy but I don’t care because I enjoy it.
The project we actually have is to design a magazine. This means we have to design the layout, book models and take photo shoots, create the advertisements and create content. This isn’t a thing to do in a few hours, on the contrary, this will take so much time. But the University is preparing us well. We’ve photoshop-, photography- and writing courses. The tutors are well known in the sectors they work for. What else could I expect from the 2nd hardest university to get into in London after Oxford  (according to “Sunday Time”)

However, today is my day off so I won’t spend it at home. My flatmate and I still have to buy some stuff to make this apartment more cosy than it already is.




Some Impressions of my first two weeks:

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