Two weeks later…

It has been a long time I haven’t written something here. To be honest, so many things happened. I will try to sum it up:

First of all, I enrolled and finished my second week of university and I love it! The learning environment, the lectures, the tutors and students – it’s just perfect.

I also tried to discover London. This city is so big and it has so much to offer. The thing I like the most about right now is, that it is so easy to find people to hang out with. These people here are way more open-minded than back in Germany.

English. Everything is English obviously and this the best way to improve my English. Actually, it isn’t that hard – you get used to it. I catch myself sometimes overthinking and that makes me confused so I will try to speak out what I’m thinking even if it’s wrong sometimes. I’m glad, that I have people around who try to teach me the correct pronunciation and some slang words.

However, whats next? I have 10 weeks left before I fly back to Germany for the Christmas-break. There are a lot of projects we have to finish in that time. Everybody who said that this won’t be easy was right. It ain’t easy but I don’t care because I enjoy it.
The project we actually have is to design a magazine. This means we have to design the layout, book models and take photo shoots, create the advertisements and create content. This isn’t a thing to do in a few hours, on the contrary, this will take so much time. But the University is preparing us well. We’ve photoshop-, photography- and writing courses. The tutors are well known in the sectors they work for. What else could I expect from the 2nd hardest university to get into in London after Oxford  (according to “Sunday Time”)

However, today is my day off so I won’t spend it at home. My flatmate and I still have to buy some stuff to make this apartment more cosy than it already is.




Some Impressions of my first two weeks:

“You’re young. We couldn’t have this time – Enjoy it for us” 

Yesterday I’ve been at an event in my hometown called “Weindorf” (Translation: Wine-village) an event all about wine. So basically you’re going there to get drunk and meet your friends and get more drunk together.

© Diginights | Heilbronner Stimme
While waiting for my other friends, there was an old lady coming towards my group. She said “Where do so beautiful flowers like you grow?” to one of my friends. We were all a bit confused, of course we already had a few glasses of wine. She continued to tell us, how beautiful we all are, how we laugh and be together with our friends. That this is the time of our life’s – moments and memories no one can ever take from us!

For a moment, everything around us was gone – we only listened to the voice of this old lady.

“We didn’t had this while we were young. Our live wasn’t that easy but it’s more beautiful to see, that this generation enjoys this so much. You’re young, be together, see the world and have fun!” Honestly, we all were speechless for a moment. We thanked her for the kind words and she told us, that there is no need to thank her for telling the truth.

“Now go and drink more wine and enjoy the weekend before work and school starts Monday”

These were her last words before walking away with an face expression that was happy and sad at the same moment. Sad, that she couldn’t have a time in her earlier life like ours and happy, to see that the world changed and we’re all one community supporting each other.

This literally made my whole week and now I’m even more convinced to study abroad to “see the world and have fun!” as she said.



My First Post

So, this is it. My own personal Blog.
I’ve always wanted to own a personal blog but honestly I didn’t knew, what to write about or who the hell would read it. But actually I see this whole thing as a diary – or something like that – over the whole three years of my studies and maybe, I’ll forward this link to some of my former colleagues and teachers.

What’s up with the university? It all began as a joke. A mate from London was visiting my friends and me in south Germany (where I’m from) and we were hanging around and talking ’bout the future. I told him how bad I would like to work or live abroad, especially in London but before doing my undergraduate degree, this would be just a dream. Before ending my sentence he was like “Bro, sign up at UCAS and try to study in London!” I’ll cut the corners: I signed up, asked my teachers and line managers for references, applied for the IELTS Test (which by the way costs 223€ – unbelievable!) and finally, I got accepted at all of the universities I applied for. I decided to accept the offer of the University of the Arts in London studying Public Relations at the London Communication College.

However, now I’m sitting here and waiting for the last 14 days to go over. In one hand I’m kinda sad to leave and not be able to see my friends everyday or just hang around with them and playing cards in the other hand I’m excited to start a new chapter of my life.

See you with the next post from London in 14 days!